Easy to use Python Code editor designed for use with your Pi Device.
Version 3.0 Now Available
Easy Pi Code Editor is an easy to use Python Code editor designed for use with your Pi Device. Easy Pi is compatible with Raspberry Pi style devices running the latest Raspian operating system.

LEARN – Use the Reference and Tutorial section to learn about Python Code and have fun with the Tutorials.

CREATE – In the Code Editor you can create and edit Python files. Syntax color highlighting makes it easy to read the code. Code Snippets enables quick and easy reuse of common code sections.

SHARE – Share your Python files with other iPads and Macs with Air Drop.

MANAGE – The File Manager allows quick transfer of files between your iPad and your Pi device.

MULTIPLE DEVICES – The Device Manager allows you to save setup details for multiple devices and quickly test the SSH connection.

CONTROL – The Terminal Control Panel allows you run your Python scripts on your device without the need to type any terminal commands. Simply select the file and press the “Run Script” button.

“Clean, simple , everything you need to bake a Python Pi.”

Easy Pi Code Editor can also be used with any other file types such as Ruby and Perl.

Compatible Devices include:- Raspberry Pi ( all versions ), C.H.I.P (Chip the $9 computer), Orange Pi, Banana Pi and most other linux Debian based devices running SSH service.


Version 3.0 features.
* New Device Manager with Auto-Discovery allows you to save multiple devices and quickly switch between them.
* Network connection Quick Test.
* Works with most Linux devices with SSH connection.
* Create any file type, supports Python, Ruby, Perl and any other text based file.
* Terminal Auto-Run now works with Python, Ruby, and Perl.
* New UI design and file icons.
* Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Please note: Device auto discovery requires avahi-daemon to be installed and running on your device.