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In this tutorial we will learning how to “Add a Video file to a Page”.

Before we start to add videos we need to do some planning and preparation. First take a look at the size of the videos you want add. If your videos are larger than a few MB, or you are adding a lot of videos you are going to have memory problems. The total size of your book needs to be less than 200MB (100MB on the iPad 2). This is because of the memory limitations of the iPad. If you have to make a book larger than this it is possible to export the book folder to a PC and zip the ePub file externally.

Video files need to be in .m4v format.

It is also recommended to have a “Poster” image for each video. Poster images are a placeholder for the video file on the page so that we don’t just have a black box on the page before the video starts playing.
Poster files should be in .png format and have the same name as the video file for easy referencing.

With these considerations in mind let’s get started.

1/ Download the tutorial sample file pack named – Add_Video.zip
This zip file contains a “Video” file and a “Poster” image file.

2/ Un-zip the file and transfer the files to the Easy ePub Creator Pro “Documents Directory”.

View Files

Video File – iExploration.m4v

Poster Image – iExploration.png

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