Hi Welcome to A Read Aloud Story Book

A “Read Aloud” story book is book with a “Narration” audio track and text “Highlighting“. As the story is narrated the text is highlighted in sync with the audio. Below is a video example of a “Read Aloud” story book.

This book was created in “Easy ePub Creator Pro” and is viewed in “iBooks” on the “iPad“.

In this tutorial we will be adding “Read Aloud Text Highlighting” to a “Fixed Layout” epub optimized for viewing in iBooks on the iPad.To create “Read Aloud Text Highlighting” we need the following ingredients.

1/ A xhtml page containing some text to highlight.

2/ A ccs style sheet for text formatting and highlight styling

3/ An audio narration file.

4/ And finally a SMIL file to sync everything together. SMIL = Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language .

Combine these ingredients and mix them into a .epub and you have “Highlighted Text” in “Sync” with your audio.

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