Hi, welcome to Your First Book Project

In this tutorial we will learning how to “Create a Book Project”, “Edit Book MetaData”, “Add and Delete Pages”, “Add a Background Image”, “Add Text”, “Style and Position Text”, “Create a Cover Image”, “Create an ePub File” and “View in iBooks”.

Before we start creating our book we need to do some planning and preparation.

1/ Download the tutorial sample file pack named – hello_world.zip
This zip file contains the images we will be using in the book project.

2/ Un-zip the file and transfer the images to the Photos Library on your iPad. If you have many photos in your iPad you may want to create an Album for the tutorial images.
(If you are using an iPad to read this tutorial – press “View Files” to download the individual files.)

3/ Decide what page size and layout we want. For this tutorial we will be produce a “Portrait” style book with a default page size of 738px * 985px.
The page size is directly related to the size of background images for the pages. Background images should be the same size or aspect ratio to the page size.

4/ Decide which file format we require. For this tutorial we are using ePub 3 specification.

Ok…. Lets get started!

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